Acrylic Cover Album

Our highest seller is the acrylic photo album. It’s a wonderful way to show off your photos and memories in an absolutely stunning album. An acrylic album refers to a type of photo album or book designed with a cover made from acrylic material. Acrylic covers are known for their modern and elegant appearance, making them a popular choice for BEST PROFESSIONAL PHOTO ALBUM, especially in the world of professional photography.

Types Of  Photo Album Sheet

Pearls Paper Prints Say cheese
Pearls Metalic

A metallic pearl album sheet is a beautiful metallic image album page that accentuates the beauty and eye-catching quality of the photographs you cherish.

Glossy paper Prints
Ecobond Glossy

An Ecobond glossy album sheet is an eco-friendly, more effective  photo album page with a high gloss finish. It allows you to take stunning, high-resolution photographs all while preserving sustainability..

Silky Matt paper prints
Medium Silkey Matt

The smooth, matte quality of a Medium Silkey Matt album sheet makes it a classy and elegant backdrop for your most treasured memories.

Leather Paper Photo Prints
Lusture Flat

For picture albums that look professional, a Lustre Flat album sheet is a great option since it provides a smooth and elegant surface for your images, minimizing glare and fingerprints while maintaining vibrant colors and fine details.

Available In 3 Sizes

Box Size – 8 x 6″
Print Size – 7 x 5″
Box Size – 11 x 8″
Print Size – 9 x 6″

Box Size – 14 x 11″
Print Size – 11.5 x 8″

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